Taste the tradition.

Come on into Tracey’s Farmhouse Kitchen. With a handful of simple ingredients, and the knowledge of generations past, Tracey will show you how to bake on a griddle. Then sit by the fire and savour your hard work with some homemade butter and jam.

Explore the shore.

Come on into Strangford Lough. Swim, paddleboard, explore the areas in and around Ballymoran Bay with Tracey’s husband Joe. Under his instruction, immerse yourself in the calm waters, find your balance on a paddle board and feel the elation of taking the plunge into a new chapter of your life.

Groups -
the more the merrier.

An experience shared, is an experience remembered. Tracey’s Farmhouse Kitchen can create bespoke experiences for larger groups of people. We can take you on a hosted coach tour of the best food and drinks in this area. Just give us a call to find out what’s possible.

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