“Tracey’s Farmhouse Kitchen” Experience is proud to qualify as a MAKE TRAVEL MATTER ®  Experience through TTC – The Travel Corporation.

MAKE TRAVEL MATTER ® Experiences are chosen with great care based on the positive social or environmental impact they have on their communities and those who experience them. Using a proprietary assessment tool endorsed by industry experts and developed exclusively for TTC’s family of brands, MAKE TRAVEL MATTER ®  Experiences are assessed against a robust set of criteria directly tied to the UN Global Goals. Travelers can identify MAKE TRAVEL MATTER ®  Experiences across brands by locating the MAKE TRAVEL MATTER ®  Experiences seal.

Living off the land.

Tracey’s Farmhouse Kitchen is dedicated to sustainability. Every ingredient in our Traditional Irish Breadmaking is sourced locally. Ingredients from other experiences even coming from our own garden. 


Tracey is an active member of Green Tourism; partaking in Bio-Diversity training. In addition to being an active member of Sustainable Giants – Green Network of our local Council. 

Ongoing training includes Carbon Diversity training through Tourism NI. 


“Tracey’s Farmhouse Kitchen” experience qualifies under the UN Sustainable Goals numbers 11 & 12, which have the below precepts at their core:

  • The experience preserves local traditions, protects natural and built heritage sites and
    promotes cultural vibrancy.
  • The experience promotes sustainable food experiences, small scale farmer interactions or responsible consumption.


Tracey’s Farmhouse Kitchen is proud to be an Embrace the Giant Spirit approved experience. We are also proud to be an Ards and North Down Sustainable Giant; meaning that we demonstrate our care for the land around us by minimising our impact upon it.

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