About Traceys Farmhouse Kitchen

Who we are.

Our mission is to welcome, to invite people to ‘come on in’ and try something they’ve never done before. Maybe that’s wild swimming in Ballymorran Bay, or paddle boarding to one of the islands. Maybe that’s baking your own soda or potato bread the same way your great grandmother did. Maybe it’s just having a bite to eat by the fire or staying a night or two in Horseshoe Cottage. From our 17th Century thatched cottage, you’re always welcome. Come on in.

Tracey Head of The Kitchen

Head of the kitchen.

Fluent Irish and French speaker. Baker, patissiere, Irish bread expert, chief fire lighter and feel good maker.

General water god.

Provider of wetsuits, towels and encouragement. Expert in paddleboarding and eating baked goods from the kitchen.

Joe General Water God
Photo courtesy of Ards and North Down Borough Council

Where we are.

Where we are is the luckiest place in the world. The contrast of the rugged, unrelenting beauty of the landscape on our doorstep, with the comfort and warmth of our traditional Irish kitchen full of stories and flavours is what makes life here so unique. Just a glance out the window at Ballymorran Bay is all we need at the end of a long day. Because even when it’s lashing, even when it’s freezing, our part of the shoreline around Strangford Lough is so untouched by the pressures of the modern world that time escapes us completely.

Tracey’s Farmhouse Kitchen is proud to be an Embrace the Giant Spirit approved experience. We are also proud to be an Ards and North Down Sustainable Giant, meaning that we demonstrate our care for the land around us by minimising our impact upon it.

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