Baking with Kids

Fun activities for kids 

Spend some quality time with your kids and bake some delicious treats


Baking with kids

My Bread Making Experience is also suitable for children.

Cooking and baking with your little ones it’s a fun way to introduce them new ingredients and encourages them to explore unknown tastes, smells or textures.

Rolling out dough with a rolling pin – or flattening dough with the hands – is a great way for kids to practice their coordination skills. Also, by following a recipe’s instruction (written or verbal), they can boost their sequencing skills.

Baking is also a fun way to introduce them new ingredients and more importantly it is a great way to spend some quality time with them!

Baking (and cooking in general) provides the opportunity to “get messy and creative” and my traditional baking experience is a great way to pass on Northern Irish food traditions from generation to generation with a hands-on approach in the kitchen.

The baking experience is an “active”, “hands on” experience:

– my bread does not contain yeast so there is no “waiting around” for the bread to raise

– I don’t use the oven: my bread is cooked on griddles


Did you know?

Research has shown links between learning cooking skills at a young age and a positve dietary pattern in adulthood. My baking experience is a great way to start developing an interest in eating healthy and getting knowledgeable about the food chain process: from raw material to cooked dishes. 



Baking with Kids

What is included in the experience?

    • Experience available for a group of 7 or more
    • Kids under 13 years are £ 25 and adults are £45 (one adult per 3 kids)
    • Four farls of soda bread to take home
    • Four farls of wheaten bread to take home
    • Four potato bread
    • Food and drinks throughout the session
    • Tools and Aprons are supplied

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Baking with Kids

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